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The confidence and beauty that comes from a brilliant white smile is something that most people wish to have. However, many think that purchasing a dental plan in Florida will be too expensive. Dentists who participate with All-In-One Dental Plan provider can offer affordable care to people who might otherwise not have the resources to properly tend to their oral hygiene.

Patient Eligibility

We believe that everyone should have clean teeth and healthy oral hygiene. For this reason, the All-In-One Dental Plan is one of the most inclusive dental insurance alternatives in the nation. Anyone in Florida who can afford the low monthly rate can sign up for an individual, family, or couple plan, even if potential patients have:

  • Pre-existing dental conditions
  • Extreme tooth decay
  • Missing teeth
  • Been rejected by other dental plans or insurance providers

Providing The Services Patients Need

Because All-In-One Dental Plan is so affordable and accommodating, individuals and families are able to receive dental care that they otherwise could not. As a dental professional, we know that you fully understand and stress to your own patients the importance of regular office visits and proper oral care at home. For many people without dental insurance, that care and guidance is unfortunately inaccessible. Together we can help Floridians and their families get the dental care that they truly need.

Assisting our Dedicated Dentists

We know that a Florida dental plan would be nothing without the constant hard work and support from our enthusiastic dentists. As well as trying to design our plan to be as simple as possible for the benefit of the patients, we would like to make our providers’ customer service experience the best it can be. We hope that our shared goal is to see the people of Florida get the dental services they require.

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If you are one of our trusted providers, feel free to call us at 1-800-310-2743 at any time of day to get answers to questions regarding our services.