Prepare for Holiday Feasting

A Trip To The Dentist Can Make Your Holidays More Enjoyable

Avoid Tooth PainMany people enjoy the start of fall because they know of the many good things to come. Soon there will be plenty of candy and homemade treats available, and preparations will begin for feast after feast with close friends and family. An ache in a single tooth can put a damper on all of this delicious celebration. All-In-One Dental Plan is here to help holiday revelers understand when to see a dentist and how best to afford a visit at this busy time of year.

Don’t Miss Out on the Delicious Food Because of Tooth Pain

A broken tooth or the development of a cavity can quickly put a stop to the enjoyment of even the most delicious foods. While dentists and orthodontists are usually available for emergencies, they also wish to spend this special time with their family and friends. Getting a checkup and any work done on your teeth before holiday celebrations are underway is a great way to ensure you and your taste buds get to enjoy this season to its fullest.

A Dental Savings Plan Can Help

We know that money gets tight at this time of year. There are extra bills to pay if you hang up holiday lights, and who can forget about budgeting for presents? How can you afford dental care without insurance on top of that? Many people think that dental insurance is far too expensive. However, even investing in a dental savings plan can save you a surprising amount of money on treatments and procedures. This makes it easy to keep your mouth healthy and your wallet full!

Avoid Dental Sticker Shock!

Reduce The Cost Of Dental Work

Now is the perfect time to schedule a visit with your dentist, fixing any problems before digging in to the sweet and savory feasts of the Holiday season. If you’re worried about cost, All-In-One Dental Plan can help you find a plan to make sure you can enjoy the holiday treats without breaking the bank. Contact All-In-One Dental Plan today to learn more, or call us at 1-800-310-2743.

Big Families Need Big Savings on Dental Care

Childhood is a formative time in many regards, especially when it comes to health and wellbeing. Getting growing kids the dental care they require can be a big struggle, especially in families with several children. Family dental plans can be a great way for Florida parents to ensure that everyone’s care needs are met, without worrying about costs growing out of control. In fact, our Florida dental plans can help a family see dental savings every year.

Planning for Every Family Member’s Needs

Each member of your family has their own unique care needs. For instance:

  • save on family dental plans with All-In-One Dental PlanA younger child might require regular checkups to ensure that teeth are developing correctly.
  • An older child might need orthodontic treatment, such as braces or other aligners.
  • Young adults sometimes require cleaning, x-rays and fillings.
  • Adult family members might desire teeth whitening treatments or other cosmetic dentistry services.
  • Older adults may require dentures or other dental prosthetics.

A family dental plan helps you address each of these concerns and many more. In fact, a dental savings plan is one of the most comprehensive care strategies you can choose for your entire family. Stay proactive about oral health without breaking the bank!

Choosing a Care Provider You Can Count On

family dental plans help everyone keep a beautiful smile

Another important advantage that you should consider is that family dental plans allow you to choose a trusted provider near you. This gives your family the ultimate freedom and flexibility. Select from an extensive network of trustworthy, established dental care providers, including specialists.

Having access to a large number of trusted dental care providers is important for anyone. Because large families are likely to have such a diversity of care needs, being able to choose the providers you trust most is especially beneficial.

Track Your Savings

With the help of a family dental savings plan, you can see the financial difference for yourself. Our convenient tools will help you see just how much you are saving on every service you need. We care about helping your family access the right forms of care at every stage of life. No matter what size your family is, we have a plan that can help.

Does Groupon Really Measure Up to a Dental Savings Plan?

People looking for a great deal on essential products and services are increasingly looking to online resources like Groupon to help them save money. Though Groupon can help you find some great bargains, there are a few disadvantages associated with getting care through these limited-time discounts. When you see how a Groupon deal compares to a group dental savings plan, you will discover some important differences that you need to be aware of.

A Dental Savings Plan is Never Time-Sensitive

An offer through Groupon is typically constrained by two time-sensitive factors. These include:

Does Groupon Really Save You Money On Dental Work?

  • An expiration date: The deal is only available to customers for a few weeks.
  • A use-by date: Services purchased through the service might be only available to customers for a period of a few months.

A dental savings plan has no expiration date and you can use it whenever you need to; you never have to worry about accessing every service before a cut-off date. You and your family can schedule care services at a pace that suits your personal needs.

Get the Services You Need, When You Need Them

A customer relying on Groupon alone for affordable dental care services can be kept waiting for several months before an appropriate deal comes along. A dental care plan gives you the freedom and flexibility to schedule appointments when you need them, even on short notice. Your care plan also gives you access to a full range of services including cleanings, x-rays, fillings, sealants, and much more.

Choose Your Own Provider

Groupon deals are typically associated with specific providers. If you purchase one of these deals, you might have to drive a long way to see a provider you have never been to before. On the other hand, a care plan lets you stick with one provider. You can find the dentist you and your family trust most, and then continue seeing them as long as you like.

A Better Care Experience Without Compromise

A dental care plan also gives you considerably more freedom than a Groupon does. Though a Groupon deal might seem appealing at first, a care plan ultimately offers more care options and more consistent care for every member of your family.

The Unnerving Truth About Oral Health

We all know that taking care of our teeth and mouths is important. Brushing twice a day, flossing, and rinsing are essential elements of maintaining optimal oral health and a nice, white smile. Having poor oral hygiene can not only cause tooth decay and bad breath, but it can also cause more serious problems like gum disease and even cardiovascular problems. This infographic shows how poor oral hygiene can cause the development of problems and diseases that can be harmful to a person’s overall health, and ultimately, the benefits of keeping a routine oral care regimen to avoid these common pitfalls.

poor oral hygiene infographic

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Wearing Braces? Don’t Skimp on Oral Hygiene

Whether you’re a teen wearing braces for the first time or an adult working on your smile later in life, it’s important to remember that proper dental care is required to maximize the benefits that come from wearing braces. This care includes at-home care routines and regular checkups with your general dentist.

At-Home Care

Brushing your teeth twice a day is part of many people’s at-home dental care routine. However, people with braces need to use a specially designed toothbrush called a proxabrush that will help them reach the small spaces between the wires and their teeth. Your orthodontist will provide you with instructions on how to use this brush correctly.

More frequent brushing may also be called for. In addition to normal morning and evening brushing, people wearing braches should also brush after lunch and snacking. This prevents the buildup of food particles throughout the day.

Other at-home dental care items include:

  • Floss designed for use with braces
  • Anti-cavity toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Dental wax for braces

Regular Checkups

Braces work by exerting a gentle, constant pressure on teeth until they have moved to their correct position. Orthodontists are dentists that specialize in the correct alignment of teeth. You should work closely with your family’s orthodontist to make sure that regular checkups are kept.

During a checkup, the alignment of the patient’s teeth will be checked. Small adjustments to the tension of the braces may be made at this time. This regular adjustment helps create the optimal tooth positioning in the patient’s mouth. Before long, they will be enjoying a perfect smile and a healthy bite.

Dentists recommend that children visit an orthodontist around age seven to ensure that teeth are growing in correctly. If you are an All-In-One Dental Plan member, you can find an orthodontist near you that accepts our Florida dental plan and schedule your first visit!