Worried About The Cost of Braces?

Concerned About The Rising Cost of Orthodontic Care? All-In-One Dental Plan Can Help! While many young kids might be worried about what they will look like with braces on, parents are often worried about the cost of braces. With treatments that typically last over a year, it is not uncommon for even the least expensive treatments to total several thousand dollars. If you’re thinking about braces for yourself, your child, or a loved one, All-In-One Dental Plan can help you ensure that their health and well-being come first by giving you the tools to manage costs.

Perhaps you don’t have dental insurance, or you’ve found that braces have limited or no benefit coverage. In any case, having a dental plan you can trust can make braces much more affordable.

How A Dental Plan Can Help, Even With Insurance

Get A Beautiful Smile For LessMost regular medical insurance plans do not cover any kind of dental or orthodontic work. Separate dental insurance is available, and can offer coverage for braces and other orthodontic procedures, but often have many limitations. Some types of insurance only cover braces in certain situations, such as when speaking or chewing is affected. For treatments that are not considered medically necessary, or items such as Invisalign, you may be responsible for a larger portion of the cost.

Dental Plans are often overlooked as a way to reduce out of pocket expenses or supplement insurance coverage. Dental Plans can work in addition to your primary insurance, or alone, which means the savings have a potential to stack. All-In-One Dental Plans offer savings on a comprehensive number of procedures and treatments, including braces!

Talk With Your Orthodontist About Your Needs

Your orthodontist understands the difficulty of finding a way to pay for a treatment that you desperately want for your child. This is why many offices offer payment plans. There usually must be a down payment before treatment can begin, and monthly payments follow. Speak with your orthodontist’s office to learn more about the payment options they offer. Payment plans can usually be worked out even when billing your insurance.

Find Out How A Dental Plan Can Boost Your Dental Insurance

To learn more about finding an affordable dental plan, contact us at All-In-One Dental Plan. We’ll help you find way to give you or your child a confident and healthy smile once again.