How to Get Dental Insurance Without a Job

For individuals and families without jobs or access to insurance, the cost of basic dental care can be downright overwhelming. In fact, even a simple, regular cleaning or checkup with a general dentist can cost close to $100 without insurance. If you need specialized treatment like braces, the cost can quickly skyrocket to $25,000 and higher. Fortunately, at All-In-One there’s a practical and affordable alternative to individual dental insurance in Florida.

The Difference Between Dental Insurance and a Dental Plan

Although dental insurance gives patients wide access to dentists across many different areas of expertise, you almost always have to be employed to have access to this network. Even when you do have a job, dental perks aren’t always part of the benefits package. Individual dental plans are different. Unlike insurance, dental plans are made possible because dentists and other specialists agree to provide treatment in exchange for fees lower than they would normally incur when they sign onto an insurance provider’s network.

The All-In-One Alternative

At All-In-One, we believe Floridians should have access to outstanding, affordable dental care regardless of their employment status. We realize that even minor conditions like cavities and gingivitis can become costly, serious problems if left untreated, and we’re committed to alleviating the costs associated with these services for all families and individuals. Some of the best benefits of our dental plans include:

  • Reduced-price dental services and procedures
  • Access to a network of thousands of dentists and specialists
  • Plan options starting at just $6.95 per month
  • Additional options for vision services and prescription discounts

These are just some of the best reasons to sign up for a dental plan with All-In-One.

How Much Money Can a Dental Plan Save Me?

Prices and discounts vary, but a dental plan can typically yield significant savings in comparison with having no insurance or coverage at all. A filling that would normally cost $179 without insurance, for example, would only cost $57 under All-In-One’s individual dental plan.

Dental plans are an increasingly attractive and affordable alternative to dental insurance, with more and more Floridians choosing to make their oral health a priority despite financial limitations.