4 Ways To Maintain A Child’s Oral Health

young girl smilingAs a parent, it can be a challenge to keep children interested in brushing their teeth, saying no to sugary treats, or staying up-to-date on routine dental checkups. However, good oral health requires that mom and dad step up to the plate, since kids cannot do it on their own. Even with a family dental plan, poor oral health can result in expensive treatments and a lot of time at the dentist’s office. These four quick and easy tips can help parents promote healthy teeth and gums at home.

1. Utilize the 2-2-2 Rule

A dental care routine for children that ensures that their teeth are strong and healthy should follow the 2-2-2 Rule. They should visit the dentist two times a year and brush and floss two times a day for two minutes. Some children may resist brushing for a two-minute period, but it may help for parents to sing a song or implement a reward system for adequate brushing.

2. Schedule Initial Visits On Time

Some parents wonder when they should begin taking their children to the dentist, and many put it off until their children are past the initial age when they should have a dentist examine their baby teeth. In general, children should begin visiting the dentist around their first birthday.

3. Use Toothpaste

By the age of two, almost all children can spit after brushing. At that age, toothpaste may be used in a small amount under parental supervision. Using toothpaste can help get their children’s teeth as clean as possible at home.

4. Start Cleaning Early

A child does not have to have teeth in order to begin oral hygiene routines. Rubbing a baby’s gums with a warm, damp washcloth each day can remove bacteria that could negatively impact baby teeth that haven’t yet erupted.

Teaching proper oral hygiene from a young age can give children the tools they need to care for their own teeth. All-In-One Dental Plan can help parents find a provider covered by our dental plan in Florida, who can set your children up for a future of healthy teeth and gums.