Students: Learn a Lesson in Proper Oral Care

woman smiling and laughingBefore you head off to college to learn new information, don’t neglect the lessons you’ve already been taught when it comes to proper oral care. All-In-One Dental offers student dental plans in Florida and tips for helping you take great care of your smile between classes and all-night study sessions.

Stop by the Dentist’s Office 

Before you head off to college, schedule an appointment with your dentist so you can be made aware of the current health of your teeth and mouth. You may need to take special measures while you’re in college to protect your smile and avoid oral problems in the future.

Keep Up Good Habits

No matter how much of a hurry you might be in in the mornings or how tired you may be after a full day of classes, be sure you take time to properly brush and floss your teeth. Not only are proper brushing and flossing good for preventing gum disease and cavities, everyone in the dorm will appreciate not having to smell someone else’s morning breath.

Eat Healthy

A diet rich in vegetables and fruit is much better for you than cookies, energy drinks, and unhealthy snacks. A poor diet puts you at a bigger risk of cavities and weight gain. If you know you’ll be studying late at night or that you’ll be pressed for time in the morning, plan a healthy meal or snack beforehand to fuel your mind and body.

In addition to the above tips, we also recommend looking into dental plans for students in Florida with All-In-One Dental Plan. Class is now in session, and so is your gorgeous smile!