Meals That Keep Your Mouth Healthy

vegetable omeletYour Florida dental plan will help you access the professional care you require to enjoy good oral health for a lifetime. However, it’s the little choices you make every day that will help make your dental care much more effective. What you eat can make a huge difference in maintaining good oral health. In addition to brushing twice a day and flossing once a day, you can start integrating the following meal suggestions into your regular menu at home. They’re absolutely delicious and will leave your mouth healthy and beautiful for years to come!

What Makes An Orally Healthy Meal?

There are a number of different meal-planning strategies you can use depending on your family’s dental concerns. For instance, anyone wearing braces should avoid sticky treats like chewy candy and caramel, as they can be extremely difficult to remove from wires should the get stuck. Crunchy foods like certain chips and crackers can be a problem for people with braces and even certain types of bridgework, because they can loosen the brackets or bridges. It is important to know what, if any, guidelines your dentist or orthodontist recommends for your particular dental concerns. This will help you plan your meals much more effectively.

Delicious Meals Everyone Can Enjoy

In general, foods that are good for your oral health are low in sugar, not too sticky, chewy, or difficult to bite, and support your overall healthy living goals. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Breakfast: Whole wheat pancakes topped with sliced fruit; oatmeal topped with fresh or thawed fruit; a smoothie made with plenty of mixed leafy greens; omelets filled with low fat cheese and plenty of chopped vegetables
  • Lunch: Fresh green salad made with cucumber, tomatoes, daikon or jicama, and topped with a light dressing; a sandwich made with soft whole grain bread, mustard instead of heavy dressing, and low fat cuts of meat or plenty of sliced marinated roast vegetables
  • Snack: Cottage cheese; low fat yogurt; vegetables and hummus; applesauce
  • Dinner: Pasta and sauce; polenta filled with cooked vegetables and topped with tomato sauce; meatloaf; soft tacos; stir fry or curry made with tofu served over rice
  • Dessert: Pudding and custard; frozen yogurt; soft serve ice cream; milkshakes

Maximize Your Dental Health

We hope our aforementioned meal suggestions have inspired you to make the necessary changes in your diet to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. Discount dental plans in Florida are here to help you get the care you and your family need. Make the most of this important care by preparing meals that are beneficial to your oral health in between visits.