How to Keep Your Family’s Teeth Safe on Halloween

Halloween is a scary time of year filled with haunted houses, dark corn mazes, frightening stories, and chilling costumes. For parents however, Halloween offers a different scare: the task of keeping children’s teeth healthy while surrounded by mounds of sweets. Fortunately, there is more you can do besides having a dependable dental plan Florida in place. Here at All-In-One Dental, we hope to give you some peace of mind with some helpful tips for keeping teeth safe from tricks and treats.

Eliminate Sweet Consumption

Perhaps the most difficult task any parent is faced with is limiting the candy intake of their children. Encourage children to only have a small number of pieces and give up the rest. If this isn’t possible, consider developing a stash that is used as a reward for finishing homework, completing chores, or doing something nice for a sibling.

Encourage Oral Hygiene

Of course dental hygiene should still play an integral role, especially throughout this time of year. No matter their age, all children should floss their teeth once a day and brush at least twice. By consistently practicing proper oral care, a child can take productive steps forward which offset the effects of eating too much candy.

Additionally, make sure your children are up-to-date with their biannual dental cleanings. Our Florida family dental plan offers discounts on such procedures to enable you affordable access. Staying current with such processes is important to eliminate preventable damage. For example, if your child has an unknown cavity, eating excessive candy can cause further damage. On the other hand, ensuring your child is up-to-date with dental cleanings can give you peace of mind about the overall health of their mouth.

Don’t be afraid of Halloween and the loads of candy your children will bring into your home. Simply remember to eliminate the excessive intake of sweets and to encourage good oral hygiene to keep those little teeth healthy. Additionally, with your dental plan Florida from All-In-One Dental, you can be confident your family will have dependable access to mandatory dental cleanings and procedures.