Looking to Supplement Medicare Dental Coverage? All-In-One Dental Plan Can Help

Good oral hygiene is an essential part of your overall health. Numerous studies have shown that your oral health and general well-being are linked, which is why identifying the right Florida dental plan for seniors is imperative. At All-In-One Dental Plan, we know that many seniors have some form of dental coverage through Medicare. However, it is a wise idea to supplement that coverage, as it may fall far short of covering your needs.

Why It Matters

The American Dental Association recommends that everyone should have their teeth professionally cleaned twice a year. Additionally, the organization reports that a dentist should examine your teeth at every visit in order to mitigate the risk of serious oral health issues. For people who have insurance through Medicare, the cost of doing either of these could be expensive.

What Is Covered?

Many Medicare plans will not cover the cost of services necessary to preserve the health of your teeth. According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, there are some Medicare plans that will cover routine cleanings and dental procedures, but that is usually only in the event that they have been proven necessary to protect your general health.

That is why finding a comprehensive dental plan Florida seniors can trust is important.

How All-In-One Can Help

At All-In-One Dental Plan, we offer affordable dental insurance that provides two free cleanings and dental exams every year, no questions asked. Additionally, our plans offer discounts on a number of items, such as:

  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Fillings
  • Teeth whitening
  • Extractions
  • Dental implants
  • Dentures
  • Root canals

Finding a dental provider who accepts our plans is easy. By Using our online contact form or by giving us a phone call, we can help you find a dentist near you who accepts your insurance.

Take Control of Your Health

There is no reason to ignore your oral health because of your current health insurance plan’s shortcomings. Supplementing with one of our affordable plans will ensure that you get the professional care you need. To learn more about the All-In-One Dental Plan benefits and services, please call us today at 1-800-310-2743 or simply fill out our application online. We provide individual, family and group options.

Wearing Braces? Don’t Skimp on Oral Hygiene

Whether you’re a teen wearing braces for the first time or an adult working on your smile later in life, it’s important to remember that proper dental care is required to maximize the benefits that come from wearing braces. This care includes at-home care routines and regular checkups with your general dentist.

At-Home Care

Brushing your teeth twice a day is part of many people’s at-home dental care routine. However, people with braces need to use a specially designed toothbrush called a proxabrush that will help them reach the small spaces between the wires and their teeth. Your orthodontist will provide you with instructions on how to use this brush correctly.

More frequent brushing may also be called for. In addition to normal morning and evening brushing, people wearing braches should also brush after lunch and snacking. This prevents the buildup of food particles throughout the day.

Other at-home dental care items include:

  • Floss designed for use with braces
  • Anti-cavity toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Dental wax for braces

Regular Checkups

Braces work by exerting a gentle, constant pressure on teeth until they have moved to their correct position. Orthodontists are dentists that specialize in the correct alignment of teeth. You should work closely with your family’s orthodontist to make sure that regular checkups are kept.

During a checkup, the alignment of the patient’s teeth will be checked. Small adjustments to the tension of the braces may be made at this time. This regular adjustment helps create the optimal tooth positioning in the patient’s mouth. Before long, they will be enjoying a perfect smile and a healthy bite.

Dentists recommend that children visit an orthodontist around age seven to ensure that teeth are growing in correctly. If you are an All-In-One Dental Plan member, you can find an orthodontist near you that accepts our Florida dental plan and schedule your first visit!

Oral Health for People Living with Diabetes

Diabetes is a health condition affecting millions of Americans, especially older adults. What many people living with diabetes do not realize is that this condition impacts their oral health, as well. Understanding how your diabetes affects your oral health makes you better prepared to spot any problems before they become serious. You can speak with the dentist you see as part of your All-In-One family dental plan in Florida for more information.

The Connection Between Gum Disease and Diabetes

Research has shown that people with diabetes evidence a higher prevalence of gum disease, an oral health concern that can lead to infections. This is because gum disease can result from poorly controlled blood sugar, a major concern of diabetes patients. As the gum line recedes, small pockets can develop in the gum tissue; these pockets can promote the growth of harmful bacteria, which may lead to infection.

People with diabetes are at risk for other oral health concerns including thrush and dry mouth. Thrush is a type of fungal infection that attacks oral tissue. Dry mouth is a symptom associated with diabetes. If not addressed, this can lead to oral ulcers, cavities, infections, and soreness. If you are concerned about these symptoms, whether or not you have been diagnosed with diabetes, speak with your dentist or family doctor. Any of these symptoms could indicate other health problems.

Taking Action

The American Diabetes Association and the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research recommend that people with diabetes pay close attention to their dental health. This includes:

  • Brushing regularly
  • Flossing correctly
  • Receiving dental care on a regular basis

All-In-One’s Florida dental plan can help you pay for regular dental checkups and teeth cleaning. These appointments are a very important part of winning the fight against gum disease.

Find Out More

Your dentist cares about your health. If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes or a related health concern, make sure to tell your dentist. This information will help him or her provide the very best care.