No Insurance? A Dental Plan Could Be Right For You

Given the fact that we all only get two sets of teeth in our lifetimes, you would think that we would take better care of them. Although some people avoid going to the dentist because they don’t want to go, some simply can’t because they don’t have access to insurance or dental benefits.

You might assume that anyone who receives employer-sponsored health insurance also has dental insurance to go along with it. Yet it’s estimated that of the 172 million adults in America under the age of 65, almost 20% do not have access to dental insurance benefits. Included in those are many who are employed with insurance benefits, yet for whatever reason, their employers have opted not to offer dental coverage. Add to that the 90 million Americans with either federal or state funded benefits that also don’t include dental benefits, and it’s clear to see why our teeth are among the most neglected features of our bodies.

The Benefits of a Discount Dental Plan

If you find yourself among the group without dental insurance, don’t worry; you’re not doomed to having dentures before the age of 40. There are options available to you to still receive high-quality dental care without insurance. A discounted dental plan offers you access to that care, while also offering a number of benefits that many believe make this option more attractive than dental insurance.

Here are four ways you can benefit from a discounted dental plan:

  • Availability: Discounted dental plans are available to all without the need for a contractual agreement with an insurer.
  • Access: Your dental plan will list participating providers in your area, all who have an agreement with the plan to offer discounted services.
  • Transparency: Unlike having to worry about insurance covering a procedure or meeting a benefit cap, a dental plan provides you with a list of participating procedures and the discounted costs that you pay up front. There’s no worry about having a claim being under-covered or denied.
  • Costs: While employer-sponsored dental insurance premiums can be quite low, those who don’t have such a plan may be required to pay several hundred dollars a month for their insurance. A discount plan will typically only cost you $15 to $30 per month.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that insurance is the only way to receive good dental care. Enrolling with a dental plan in Florida through All-In-One Dental Plan can provide you with the same types of benefits without all of the hassles inherent with insurance.