At All-In-One Dental, we offer dental plans to families, individuals and couples that find it difficult to afford dental services because of the high costs. We recognize the importance of regular cleanings, exams and certain procedures in the lives of our customers. Our signup process is simple and completed in minutes, allowing Floridians to reap the benefits of our Florida and nationwide dental plans quickly.

How it Works

Our dental plan is a great substitute for traditional dental insurance and ensures that you are paying discounted prices for dental services with our contracted dentists. Choose from our list of providers to find a dentist in your area that offers our discounted services.

Benefits of buying our Florida dental, vision and prescription plans include:

  • Low-cost dental services
  • Low-cost vision services
  • Discounts on Prescriptions
  • Access to thousands of dentists in Florida and throughout the nation.
  • Plans starting as low as $6.95 per month

In just minutes, you can gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have the tools to keep your body healthy. Oral health has been linked to the body’s overall health, and particularly to heart health. Going without dental services because of high costs can damage more than your confidence. Left unchecked, many problems that start in the mouth can lead to fatal consequences.

Contact Us Today

Our application process is simple, and you’ll quickly gain access to the many dentist we work with throughout the entire state to offer you low-cost dental services. Simple fill out our online application, or call us today at 1-800-310-2743 to discuss your options for Florida dental plans or other states.

Join an exclusive club of Floridians that have discovered the benefits of discounted dental plans. Save money every year on cleanings, exams, braces and more with our services.


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