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View benefits for different plans to see how All-In-One Dental Plan can help you get the care you need. Plan benefits begin immediately, without any waiting periods or deductibles. Anybody is eligible to sign up for one of affordable dental plans.

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Have questions about All-In-One Dental Plan? Contact us online or call 1-800-310-2743 for assistance 24 hours a day - 365 days a year. Our Customer Support team is ready to assist. We can help you select a dental plan or dentist in your area.

Dental Plans for Every Family

It’s easy to push your oral health to the back of your mind when the expenses of cleanings, exams and repairs are unaffordable. While many Americans lack health insurance, even more are without important dental plans. At All-In-One Dental Plan, we offer discount dental plans to families and individuals for as little as $8 a month. It’s not just your confidence that suffers when your teeth aren’t cared for. Oral health is also directly related to your body’s overall health, and regular exams and screenings are important to keeping your body healthy and increasing your confidence.

Individual and Family Dental Plans for Floridians

All-In-One Dental Plan works with specific dentists and providers to lower your costs. Our dental plans differ from dental insurance because we ensure that you get the lowest rates from our contracted dentists. You’ll receive discounts at our contracted dental offices that make your dental care more affordable. Our individual and family dental plans may include savings on: Customers who choose our dental plans enjoy two free exams and cleanings every year from our contracted dentists. We’ll save you money on your dental expenses without asking you to meet waiting period requirements or deductibles.

Finding a Provider

With All-In-One Dental’s provider directory, it’s easy to find a dentist in your area that is contracted to offer our discounted services. Once you’ve signed up for a plan and receive your membership card in the mail, a quick phone call will get you scheduled with an appointment with your local preferred dentist. With hundreds of dentists working with our Florida dental plan, we guarantee you’ll be happy with the services you receive and the price you pay.

Focus on Health

Your oral health is an important part of your overall health and your confidence. Don’t sacrifice these important things because you think you can’t afford them. All-In-One Dental Plan is here to help. Call us today at 1-800-310-2743 to discuss your dental plan options.